Monday, July 31, 2006

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The term HYIP is an umbrella-term which incorporates any investment opportunity thatgives a return on the initial investment of between 4-5% per year. The way inwhich they work is fairly simple.
The money from everyone who invests is collectedtogether and the site organizers then use it to invest in more traditionalareas. In effect, they are investing in the programs which require alarge sum of money to begin and can afford to do so by combining everyone issmall individual investments.HYIPs which are not Internet based work on the same principles as online ones,only their starting investments can range from a minimum of $500,00 up tomillions of dollars.
For the private investor, or an individual justwishing to supplement their income, this is not a realistic sum to haveavailable for investment and so offline HYIPs are not feasible options.For the normal private investor, Internet based HYIPs are the only possiblesolution to the investment quandary.
However, these programs are often cloaked insecrecy and so can seem like a dangerous investment to make. In contrast to theoffline programs, you will often find that you are unable to gain anyinformation regarding the investment types that are made on your behalf.Corporate information of the website, such as the registered address orbackground information pertaining to the site organizers, is often not availablefor viewing. This is not usually done for the sole purpose of hiding informationfrom the investors, but more to prevent people from using the knowledge of thesite organizers to create their own online HYIP.Online HYIPs may pay interest daily, weekly or monthly. The typical return rateson these are generally between 1-7% for daily paid, 7-50% for weekly paid and20-200% for monthly paid.The way in which you can start to invest is very easy. This then creates youronline account, into which you deposit money which you then invest. The profitsare then paid into that account depending on how often your particularinvestment pays.Mostly the schemes work by investing the money from a number of privateinvestors andthen sharing a portion of the profits back with the investors. It gives theinvestor the high returns that would not normally be possible given the lowamount of money that is available for investment.
There is still an element of risk involved - noinvestment can ever guarantee to make a profit as the market changescontinually. There are also fraudulent people who set up HYIP sites,wait for people to invest and then run off with your money.
First and foremost you must understand that thereward is directlyproportionate to the risk. That is what speculation is all about; you cannotexpect to make a substantial return if you are not prepared to accept a certainamount of risk. Any experienced financial speculator will tell you thatsuccessful speculation involves being able to quantify risk. The amount of riskattached to any particular HYIP, is for the most part, unquantifiable.Many of the genuine small Internet based HYIP's are considered high risk, asthey are not particularly well thought out programs, often with no soundmethodology from which to generate returns.
They receive thousands of small deposits fromparticipants, which only adds to the problem. The larger specialist programs,many of which are not plugged on the Internet, can be muchsafer in many respects, as they are usually run by professional traders who knowhow to generate returns using sound trading methods. They keep a low profile dueto the risk of interference by some authorities, but this does not mean thatthey are not genuine investment programs.

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